Tips for Appropriate Horse Barn Layout

barn steel frameHorses are family, so you have to pay close attention while building horse barns. A well-designed and built horse stables is spacious, receives natural air as well as comfortable to clean.

Investing in steel framed buildings pays within a couple of years. Even if you have to relocated, the steel barn structure can be easily dismantled and then reassembled.

A barn with logical floor layout enhances job efficiency and minimizes the mess. Large steel framed buildings are recommended for safety and utility in barns.

another steel frame

Tips for appropriate barn layout

Stall size – Average stall size is 12” x 12” but for large horses consider 14” x 14”.

Stall floors – Dirt floors are necessary for stalls but require cyclic maintenance. Concrete floors are hard for the horse’s hooves and are unable to drain the urine properly, unless you install drains and slope them.

Stall layout – The aisle needs to be in the centre of the barn. During severe weather, this facility allows convenience in working, cleaning, grooming, bathing and feeding inside the barn.

Wash stalls – Indoor wash stall that include roughed concrete to provide traction is recommended.